Pós-Modernismo [ Misc ]

Pacote de textos sobre modernidade, pós-modernidade e Estudos Culturais. Destaque para coletâneas como The Routledge Companion to Postmodernism e Life after post-modernism, além de artigos de Bruno Latour, Niklas Luhmann, Douglas Kellner e Virilio. Dividido em 2 partes

Heidegger and Adorno in Outside Postmodern Culture.pdf
A postmodern grid of the worldmap - An interview with Zygmunt Bauman (2002 Eurozine).pdf
Arslan - Human Rights in postmodernity.pdf
Charles Shepherdson- History And The Real Foucault With Lacan - Postmodern Culture 52.html
Critique of Postmodern Ethics of Alterity Versus Embodied (Muslim) Others - Incompatibility, Diversion or Convergence (2005 Indiana University of Pennsylvania PhD Dissertation).pdf
Fashionable Nonsense Postmodern Intellectuals' Abuse Of Science By Alan Sokal And Jean Bricmont.htm
Feminism, Postmodernism and Identity.pdf
Feminism, Science and Postmodernism.pdf
Foucault and Postmodernism.doc
Giddens - Modernism And Postmodernism.pdf
Ihab Hassan - Beyond postmodernism.pdf
Inglehart, Ronald - Globalization and Postmodern Values.pdf
Intellect Books - The Posthuman Condition, Consciousness Beyond the Brain - ISBN 1841500488 - 213s - 2003.pdf
James A Berlin - Poststructuralism, Cultural Studies, And The Composition Classroom - Postmodern Theory In Practice.pdf
Jameson Frederic -- Postmodernism.pdf
Journal_The Postmodern Challenge- Reconstructing Human Geography.pdf
JSTOR Bruno - Postmodernism and Blade Runner.pdf
Jstor Engaged Feminism Via Subversive Postmodern Strategies.pdf
JSTOR Problem of Post-Modernity.pdf
Kroker & Cook - The Postmodern Scene--Excremental Culture and Hyper-Aesthetics.pdf
Lyotard, Epistemologies of Postmodernism--A Rejoinder to Jean-Francois (S. Benhabib).pdf
marshall_Foucault and Postmodernism.pdf
Moreland, J.P. - Pluralism And Four Grades Of Postmodern Involvement.pdf
post modern attitudes and education.pdf
Post Structuralism by Roger Jones.pdf
Postmodern Bisexuality.pdf
Postmodern Discourse.pdf
Postmodern ethnography and the womanist mission.doc
Postmodern Historiography Between Narrativism and Heterology.pdf
Postmodern Politics and the Battle for the Future (best and kellner).doc
Postmodernism and Cinema Issue.pdf
Postmodernism and its problems with science J Bricmont.pdf
Postmodernism as Modernism Pressed for Time - Art RV [2001 Haber].doc
Postmodernism In Sociology International Encyclopedia Of The Social & Behavioral Sciences.pdf
Postmodernism or the Logic of Latter Capitalism.html
Postmodernism, Philosophical Aspects (International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences).pdf
postmodernist jazz theory.pdf
Sim, Stuart (ed) - The Routledge Companion to Postmodernism.pdf
[text] Forlorn Fort - Judith Butler, Ernesto Laclau, And Slavoj Zizek. Contingency, Hegemony,.doc
Anti-modernism, modernism, and postmodernism - Struggling wit.txt
Graeme Kirkpatrick - Modernism & the Aesthetic of Personal Computing.pdf
JSTOR Good Night Modernism.pdf
Larsen, Neil - Postmodernism And Imperialism Theory And Politics In Latin America.html
Loren Goldner - Post - Modernism Meets The Imf The Case Of Poland.htm
Miller Leslie J. - Postmodernism and Critical Feminism.pdf
Modernism - A Catholic Refutatio.pdf
Modernism - Problems Causes Remedies.pdf
Muldoon, Mark S. - Henri Bergson and Postmodernism.pdf
Best & Kellner - Debord and the Postmodern Turn--New Stages of the Spectacle.pdf
Creativity and Change - On the Psychodynamics of Modernity - David P. Levine.pdf
Durkheim's Morals And Modernity (1996 Routledge).pdf
Ferruccio Busoni And The Pursuit Of Modernity.pdf
JSTOR Niklas Luhmann - The Modernity of Science.pdf
modernist aesthetics.pdf
modernist art criticism.pdf
modernity and the plasticity of perception.pdf
Postmodern Terror in a Globalized World, (Commentary, Economics, Michael Peters).pdf
Postmodern Warfare by Stanley Fish.pdf
Virilio - From Modernism to Hypermodernism.pdf
Douglas Kellner The Frankfurt School and British Cultural Studies.PDF
Routledge - A.Easthope - Literary into Cultural Studies.pdf
On Cultural Studies And The Sociology Of Culture.pdf

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Ola amigo! Não consegui achar o link pra baixar os arquivos "Pós-Modernismo [Misc]". Onde está incluso o "Virilio - From Modernism to Hypermodernism.pdf"

Ele baixa um outro ZIP, chamado benjamim.

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