Bataille, Georges

Bataille - Additional Notes on the War.pdf
Bataille - Celestial Bodies.pdf
Bataille - Extinct America.pdf
Bataille - Reflections on the Executioner and the Victim.pdf
Bataille - The Use Value Of D A F De Sade.pdf
Bataille - Un-Knowing and Its Consequences.pdf
Bataille And Sartre--The Modernity Of Mysticism (J -M Heimonet) Diacritics 26-2.pdf
Bataille And Virilio The Eye Of War.pdf
Bataille, Georges - Letter To Rene Char On The Incompatibilities Of The Writer.pdf
Bataille, Georges - Story Of The Eye.pdf
Bataille, Georges - The Solar Anus.doc
Bataille, Georges (About) - Bataille and Sartre--The Modernity of Mysticism (J.-M. Heimonet) Diacritics 26-2.pdf
Bataille, Georges (About) - The Dualist Materialism of Bataille (Hollier).pdf

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